A Warm Welcome to the Dennis Northway Website!


I am honored by your presence here.  Music is transcendental 
and communal; music is a way of telling one's story.  This 
site is about music in a large sense.  I write a lot of beautiful, 
occasional music (the term used in the correct sense) and am 
passionate about sharing it with people who would enjoy singing 
or playing it.  Here you will find music about holidays, special 
days, baptisms, weddings, funerals and the celebrations of life 
and faith; please share this music!  Sing it with your choir, 
play a piece, sing a solo and knowthat I will be deeply gratified 
each and every time.  Music can heal; use this music!  Music can 
teach; share this music!  Music can touch; employ these tunes!  
Music also brings people together, hence the growing memory book 
of ensembles I have had the priviledge of leading and sharing.  
When we touch the hem of music's beautiful robe we touch eternity 
. . .together.