A Carol Dennis Northway


This haunting hymn / carol is one of my favorite pieces. It is from a time when I had faith issues, but wished to celebrate my tradition of writing a Christmas piece each year. This tradition was taught to me by my organ teacher, Ronald Arnatt. It is dated SOLSTICE, 22 December, 1995 and dedicated to one of the finest humans on the planet, Susan Wight McMillan, with love.



Sleeping child, quiet night,

Peace all around.

Enter our heardts, O Light of the Earth!

Advent light, solstice night,

Quiet and joy;

Transform our being with Transcendant Love.


Holy times, pious joy,

Longing for love;

Searching for centeredness day after day.

Turbulence, restlessness, drastic response,

Miracles glisten to show us a way.

- Dennis Northway





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